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Jennifer Hall Thornton, @jhallthornton

If you have reached this page because you received Simon’s email announcing that, to mark our tenth anniversary, we have launched a blog: welcome, and we are happy to have you. If not, let me tell you a bit about what we will be doing in the PEARonline Perspectives blog.

We aim to achieve four things.  Firstly, we will use our combined half century of experience in private equity and venture capital to facilitate discussion of key topics in the LP/GP interface and the wider industry. Secondly, and consistently with our aim of developing practical and easy-to-use investor portals and fundraising data rooms, we plan to produce a series of best practice guides. The first of these will cover how to structure fundraising data rooms and what to include in them; please see our initial post.

Thirdly we want to provide some light relief to the stresses of fundraising and fund reporting.  Finally I want to use the blog to let you know about how we are developing the business, our core values at PEARonline, and what you should expect from us as a user of our service.

To ensure you receive the latest updates on posts, please sign up. We would love to hear from you about how we are doing and what you think the issues are that we should write about in this blog. I can be reached on or on twitter @jhallthornton.

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