Coming Soon: The Definitive Guide to Fundraising Data Rooms

Lorna Clark, @pearonline

In early 2017, PEARonline and Ffs will publish a comprehensive guide to, and checklist for a first-rate fundraising data room in today’s market.
Whether you are new to private equity fundraising and seeking guidance, or an experienced IR professional looking to confirm that you are still meeting industry standards, this will be a thorough and useful resource.   In addition to covering each item that should be included point by point, we will also discuss common pitfalls and advise on how to avoid them.

This guide is being put together by industry professionals who are up to speed on current requirements and best practice.  The PEARonline team has experience working on both the LP and GP side of private equity, including first-hand experience of fundraising at leading PE firms.  Ffs has provided specialist services to the industry since 2004, working with over 90 clients worldwide.

Please sign up to receive updates on this project and we will keep you posted on our progress.  In the meantime, we’d love to hear your feedback via the comments section below.

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