Why use PEARonline?

Our Clients

Cost effective

A dollar saved on fund expenses is a dollar you can return to LPs or use to build out your business. PEARonline is a cost-effective solution for your reporting needs. Unlike our competitors, our pricing is straightforward and reasonable. We have a fixed annual price per fund per year, subject to generous fair-use limits that none of our current GPs have yet approached. Prices are fixed for the life of a fund - once your data is on PEARonline, you will pay the same annual price for the remainder of the fund. For example - a dollar-denominated fund set up on PEARonline in 2009, will pay $2,300 every year.

Easy to use

PEARonline is designed purely for venture capital and private equity fund raising and fund reporting. It is quick and easy to set up a fund, and easy for members of your team to learn. Fields are predefined, so PEARonline recognizes that you have LPs, capital calls, K1s and advisory committee members.

We know your business and your challenges

PEARonline's founder, Simon Thornton, has sat in the LP's seat with Landmark Partners, and handled fund raising and investor relations for BC Partners. He has designed PEARonline to do exactly what your fund needs straight out of the box. If your LPs aren't using it already (and they probably are) they will quickly learn to navigate the intuitive interface to access your offering memorandum, due diligence material, capital call notices and quarterly reports.

To learn more, sign up for one of our scheduled online demonstrations or contact us for more information or a personal demonstration.