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Our Clients

Our clients say...

"Dragon Capital's prospective investors are right round the world. Using PEARonline ensures they can securely access confidential due diligence material 24 hours a day, regardless of the time in Vietnam."

Le Hoang Anh, PhD, Managing Partner, Dragon Capital Private Equity Management Ltd.

"The first drawdown notice that we sent out using PEARonline got the most comprehensive response from our investors on the due date. Its advantage over email is the reassurance of checking in advance which LP has downloaded the notice and when."

Jeremy Lytle, ECI Partners

"I took a sabbatical to backpack round Asia for three months. One of my first jobs when I got back to work was to upload a fund report to PEARonline; PEARonline's intuitive user interface made it a simple task even though I hadn't logged in in months."

Alison Jackson, Financial Controller, MML Capital

"PEARonline has noticeably reduced the time spent issuing capital call and distribution notices to LPs. "

Tushar Pabari, Headway Capital