Getting the most from your fundraising data room

Lorna Clark, @pearonline

You must a have data room when you are fundraising.  It’s there to provide LPs access to the in-depth information about your firm, the team and its investments that they need to do their due diligence.  Without it, they cannot prepare a recommendation to invest and they cannot give you a commitment to invest in your fund.  Given that both GPs and LPs must have a data room, how can you both get what you want out of it? (more…)

The LP perspective – what makes a data room LP-friendly?

Lucy Nicholls, Stafford Capital Partners

The key point regarding data rooms is that LPs are often both time and resource constrained; it is also very true that an individual within the LP organization will usually need to justify his/her recommendation to a Board or an Investment Committee: a GP should aim to make this process as straightforward as possible for the individual. (more…)

A Checklist for Producing a Great Fundraising Data Room

Lorna Clark, @pearonline and Sarah Clarke, Foundation Fundraising Services

A fundraising data room is a collection of marketing materials. It contains the information your prospective LP needs to evaluate your fund and prepare their investment recommendation. (more…)

And The Results Are In For GPs say the Craziest things

After collecting suggestions and votes online the final vote was take at SuperReturn US West in San Francisco on the 8th of February. The winner is: “I’ve heard all this $h!t before”.

Thank you everyone who participated.

Next up is My Placement Agent Said What?!

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Vote on GPs Say The Craziest Things

OK, the time has come. It is time for you to have your say on what is the craziest thing you have heard a GP say. We have short listed all of the entries down to our favorite three. We will collect the online votes and add them to the vote at SuperReturn US West on Wednesday the 8th. Then on Thursday the 9th of February we will announce the final results here. So click on this link to vote,

GPs Say The Craziest Things!!!

Simon Thornton, @PEARonlineSimon

Over the years, I’ve moderated panels at leading conferences seeking to uncover the funnier side of private equity.  These panels, including most recently Call My Private Equity Fundraising Bluff, have given some of the industry’s most entertaining characters a chance to shine.  (more…)

Will you have a state-of-the-art fundraising data room in 2017?

Lorna Clark, @pearonline

Setting up your first fundraising data room or want a resource to make sure that you’ve got everything covered in yours?  PEARonline and Ffs have got your back with the definitive guide to setting up and managing a private equity fundraising data room. (more…)

My kids taught me why the private equity governance model works

kids-walking-to-schoolSimon Thornton, @PEARonlineSimon

My wife and I are trying to bring up our kids to be financially responsible human beings.  Four things jump out at me in this process: (more…)

Coming Soon: The Definitive Guide to Fundraising Data Rooms

Lorna Clark, @pearonline

In early 2017, PEARonline and Ffs will publish a comprehensive guide to, and checklist for a first-rate fundraising data room in today’s market. (more…)

Simon Thornton to lead two sessions at SuperReturn US West in February



Join PEARonline founder and 30-year private equity veteran Simon Thornton at SuperReturn US West in San Francisco from February 6 – 8, 2017(more…)

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