With PEARonline’s expert training, you’ll be up and running quickly. You might not even need us much. But when you do, we’ll be there for you, ready to help.
Fast and personal
We built PEARonline to be genuinely easy to use. So, our clients don’t often need a lot of support. But when they do, they need it quickly. We’ve been there, so we understand. Whenever you need us, we’re here for you. You’ll get a fast, personal response from someone who appreciates that your time is valuable. If you need support, please email us at support@pearonline.com or click Contact PEARonline once you’re logged in.
Online training
for GPs and LPs
Our online training sessions for GPs and LPs are held regularly and are limited to four participants. That way, we can answer all questions properly and promptly. Training sessions for GPs last about an hour (depending on how many questions you ask), while LP training typically takes 20–30 minutes. To find out more about PEARonline training sessions and sign up, or to access our user guide, please log in and click Training.